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Full List of Animation Films

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Detective Conan OVA 1

Conan borrows a large amount of manga from Mitsuhiko and crazy things begin to happen. A family asks Kogorou to help them protect a special sword in their dojo since Kaitou Kid has said that he would...

Tom And Jerry: The Lost Dragon

Tom and Jerry find a mysterious glow egg without knowing that it is a dragon egg. The egg is soon hatched and the little Puffy comes and takes Tom as his mommy. The angry mama dragon wants her baby...

RWBY - Season 05

The film follow the show's four main characters - Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang - in their ongoing adventures in the World of Remnant. The show's cutesy spin off featuring characters in "adorable...

Tom and Jerrys Giant Adventure

Tom and Jerry will "armistice" temporarily to friend Jack adventure on a giant magic beanstalk. Beanstalk will take them to a new land ruled by a greedy giant. Here they will get to see a collection...

Fraggle Rock - Season 1

The series follows the adventures of the Fraggles, a race of short, furry creatures living a carefree existence in a complex network of magical caves called Fraggle Rock. The Rock is also home to...

Pokemon - Season 14

Season 14 opens with Ash and his mother taking a vacation with Professor Oak to the Unova region. A dark cloud reveals a mysterious Pokemon which affects Pikachu. Later Ash decides to train in the...

X-Men: Evolution - Season 4

In this season, Nightcrawler tries to revive his mother Mystique who is still trapped in stone, much to the dismay of Rogue. The Brotherhood stage accidents in order to make themselves look like...

Scooby Doo Where Are You - Season 2

The gang of Shagy and Scooby-Doo face to the Ghost of Mr. Hyde in the back of the Mystery Machine running through a marsh and hiding into a spookish house.which turns out to be Dr. Jekyll home. They...

Sword Of The Stranger

Nanashi, a swordman from a strange land, accidentally save the homeless boy Kotarou and his dog Tobimura who are pursued by a mysterious militia organization from China. Rarou, one member of this...

Teen Titans - Season 5

In the final season of this Warner Bros. Original animated series, many classic characters from the DC Universe join the league to fight the Brotherhood of Evil in one ultimate battle. Operating from...

Courage The Cowardly Dog - Season 3

In this season, a pair of married criminals are on the run and they camp next to the 1962 ranch house, with one of them eventually assuming Muriel's identity, which leads to Muriel being framed and...

Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Chasing after the White Rabbit, who runs into view singing "I'm Late! I'm Late!," Alice falls down the rabbit hole into the topsy-turvy alternate world of Wonderland. Will she get home? Not if the...

Luis & the Aliens

12-year-old Luis, whose dad is obsessed to prove to the whole world that alien exist, embarks on a wild quest to help three tiny extraterrestrials return to their huge mother ship.

Pokemon - Season 6

Season 6 opens with Ash and Pikachu making it to the Hoenn Region. They instantly try to find a Pokemon Center to help Pikachu recover from its damage. Team Rocket sees this as an opportunity to...

From Up on Poppy Hill

From the Oscar winner Hayao Miyazaki, this animated drama is set in Yokohama in 1963, focusing on an innocent romance beginning to bud between Umi and Shun, two high school kids caught up in the...

Inuyasha - Season 3

Season 3 opens with Shippo meeting a girl named Satsuki. Satsuki believes that her brother, who went to war, will come back. She shows Shippo the treasure her brother gave her, a sacred jewel...

The Simpsons - Season 3

The Simpsons - Season 3 (Also known as Gia Dinh Simpsons ) is a Animation Comedy film directed by James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, Sam Simon . It released on TV Series (1991 ). The film stars Dan...




A spectacular sled race through the village. Frankie-Four-Eyes and his team, including Sophie as the driver, take on the newcomers: the mysterious and conceited Zac and his athletic cousin Charlie.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Mr. and Mrs. Fox live an idyllic home life with their son Ash and visiting young nephew Kristopherson. But after 12 years, he cannot resist returning to his farm raiding ways, which endangers not...

Super Monsters - Season 1

The series centers on a group of preschool kids whose parents are the world's most famous monsters as they try to master their special powers while preparing for kindergarten.

Only Yesterday

The movie centers on a single 27-year-old girl from Tokyo visits her relatives in the countryside. When she is in the night train, memories bring her back to the younger years of her. They are the...




Enchanted (Also Known As: Encantada ) is a animation comedy film directed by Kevin Lima and written by Bill Kelly. It released on 21 November 2007 (USA). The film stars Amy Adams, Susan Sarandon,...
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