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List of 2016 Films

2016: Most Popular Feature films Released 2019. Download 2016 online for free on 123Movies. Watch 2016 movie in full HD without Registration.

The Mindy Project - Season 5

The season premiere indicates that Mindy's real project isn't finding love. It's finding herself. She does not choose a life with Danny. Her elation over their elevator hook-up is deflated when she...

Dead Billy


Dead Billy

The movie focuses on young grad student Calliope who’s orderly life is thrown into chaos when her boyfriend proposes to her sending her into a seizure and causing her to have horrible flashbacks of...

Major Deal


Major Deal

A film directed by Kevin Fredericks and is about a dilemma of a rapper. After being fired by his boss, Mike Massacre must chose between taking care of his daughter and following his dream of becoming...

Humans - Season 2

Season 2 pick ups with a fugitive Niska (Emily Berrington) in Berlin, six months on and she's still debating whether or not to give "life" to millions of Synths and change the face of the entire...

Black Mountain Side

Written and directed by Nick Szostakiwskyj, this horror thriller tells the story of a group of archaeologists, who discover an enigmatic ten-thousand-year-old structure buried in snow. After that, a...

Three Weddings

The movie tells the story of a couple who broke up 6 years ago. Now, the girl comes back with a son while the guy is in a relationship. Her son soon has some plan, and then hilarious situation come...

Shared Rooms


Shared Rooms

The movie brings together three interrelated tales of gay men seeking family, love and sex during the holiday season: a married couple takes in a teenage relative who was kicked out when his parents...

Boyka: Undisputed

Boyka (Scott Adkins) is shooting for the big leagues when an accidental death in the ring makes him question everything he stands for. When he finds out his opponent's widow is in trouble, he becomes...

Remember the Goal

A young female coach fresh out of college becomes the coach of a cross-country team at an all-girl, Christian private school.

Little Savages

Film is directed by Paul Tomborello. Visiting the charming lake town of Culver, a boy genius and his sister race against bullies to find a treasure hidden by an eccentric philanthropist.

Housefull 3


Housefull 3

The film centers on the love relationship of Batook's daughters. He prevents three daughters from getting married by dint of believing in superstitious things. Their boyfriends attempt to change and...




Obit is the first documentary to look into the world of newspaper obituaries, via the obituary desk at The New York Times. Arguably the best obituary writers in the world, the staff, led by longtime...

VICE Does America - Season 1

The film starring Wilbert L. Cooper, Martina De Alba, Abdullah 'The Kid' Saeed. It is about the long road trip of VICE staffers during the 2016 election. At first stop, they have a chance to meet...

Citizen Khan - Season 5

In this season, Mr Khan is on a mission to make amends after having been made to sleep in the car by Mrs Khan after forgetting their wedding anniversary. Later, he buys a drone camera to keep an eye...




The movie follows two beautiful women on a violent and ruthless killing spree as they just so happen to have a common denominator; the pleasure they receive from killing the male of the species.

Rovers - Season 1

The series introduces us to the characters who gather within a social club of a non-league football club named Redbridge Rovers F.C., established in 1884, one of the oldest clubs' in England, and one...

Grave Secrets - Season 1

In this series, we will follow investigators as they dig up secrets long-thought buried and come face-to-face with people who will do anything at any cost to keep those secrets in the ground.

Claire in Motion

When a man goes missing one morning, a thorough search unfolds over three weeks, yielding no results and leaving his wife Claire and their son left in a limbo of not knowing. Claire refuses to accept...

Paranormal Witness - Season 5

In this season, famed author Harper Lee, a vengeful spirit and a practitioner of the dark arts all collide when Harper travels to Alabama to research the story of the enigmatic preacher accused of...

Please Like Me - Season 4

Josh Thomas and the gang return in an all new season! In the season, as his coffee cart business thrives, Josh’s personal life is in upheaval. After a jubilant honeymoon phase, the weight of...

Singing with Angels

The movie is about a young woman at a crossroads in life. She then reflects on her decision to join the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and how it strengthened her through its challenges.




Directed by, Joseph Mazzaferro, Scathing is a horror film about a girlfriend and boyfriend who get trapped in a car while struggling to keep one step ahead of a knife-wielding madman who stalks their...

Dark Matter - Season 2

In this season, the crew awakens to find themselves prisoners on the Hyperion-8 Maximum Security Galactic Detention Facility. But prison's the perfect place to do a little soul-searching ... and get...

Late Night Double Feature

The movie centers on Samantha, who plays Nurse Nasty on "Dr. Nasty's Cavalcade of Horror," as she gets increasingly frustrated with how the show is being run by its womanizing director and its drunk...

NCIS: Los Angeles - Season 8

In this season, Under Secretary of Defense Corbin Duggan takes over the NCIS Los Angeles unit when they fail to find a mole. Later, the team travels to Syria to capture a High Value Target, but...

Life Below Zero - Season 7

Life Below Zero - Season 7 is a documentary television series produced by BBC Worldwide . It released on 21 Apr. 2016. The film stars Sue Aikens, Agnes Hailstone, Chip Hailstone. The everyday...

Countdown (2016)

Starring Nick Nemeth, Glenn Jacobs and Katharine Isabelle, this action thriller features Lt. Cronin, an officer who is traumatized by the loss of his young son. When a madman kidnaps a young boy and...

The Attachment

What would you do if something followed you through life. Something evil, something that wanted you dead... The story begins in the fall of 1989, following a young girl named Abigail Morozov whose...

The Future of Work and Death

Leading thinkers such as futurologists, anthropologists, neurologists and philosophers explore how technology is going to shape the future of humanity.
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